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Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is an artillery game which is easy to play and exciting to win
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Pocket Tanks is a highly interesting, fast artillery game created by Blitwise productions and is supported by both Windows and Mac. It is easy to play, requires very little system resources and very user friendly. It has been developed on the lines of Welch's game scorched tanks and now has a big fan support. The game is based on basic physics of projectile motion. Angle of projection and shot power are key factors to mastering the game.

How to Play:
1. The game can be played in both Single and double player mode. The version 1.3 even supports LAN-gaming. Online gaming is expected in future versions.
2. Firstly the game options can be configured in terms of Terrain type, Wind variability, Wind speed, Explosion kick, Explosion size, Turret orientation etc.
3. Then the player makes his choice of the weapons from the generated list. Weapons like hailstorm, Tommy gun, graviton, firecracker etc are available.
4. Then the game begins where each player gets a chance in turn to fire his weapon. 20 shots are fired.
5. During his chance, he can choose the best weapon from the list and can adjust the angle of firing and power. He can even move his tank to get a better shot.
6. Players are awarded points as per shot accuracy and the weapon used.

An addictive game to play. Simple graphics and ease of playing are the best features.

naveen jindal
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  • Around 230 weapons are available for the game play via expansion packs
  • Free of spy ware and freeware
  • Actively maintained


  • Online gaming not available so far
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