Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks 3.0

Hit and destroy the enemy in this turn-based artillery game
Play against an AI controlled opponent or against one of your friends and take turns in trying to hit each other's tank. Choose between multiple weapons, move to confuse your opponent and find the right firing angle.

Pocket Tanks is a turn-based artillery game for one or two players, inspired by an old title for Amiga called Scorched Tanks. The objective in Pocket Tanks is to attack and destroy your opponent by using the several weapons at your disposal.

The gameplay consists of a battle where each tank takes turns to fire projectiles and destroy the enemy tank. The battle lasts 9 volleys and on each one you should use your skills to calculate the angle, choose the most convenient weapon, and adjust the power of the shot so your missiles can reach your enemy. The game will grant points to the player that manages to hit the opponent more efficiently, and the winner will be the one that gets a higher score. There is a whole lot of weapons to choose from, that range from sniper rifle, firecracker, and jackhammer, to hail storm and mountain mover. Choosing the most appropriate weapon will be a decision that will greatly influence the result of the battle.

In difference with most artillery games, Pocket Tanks is accessible and easy to learn, without all the complicated details found in games of this type. In the game options you can configure aspects such as the terrain type where the battle is going to take place, the size of the explosion, wind speed, etc., as well as choose the color of your tank and name.

On the other hand, this new version offers LAN support, as well as limited tank movements to get a better shot. Also, there is a total of 30 weapons in the shareware version, which you can try out in the Target Practice mode.

In short, Pocket Tanks is a fun artillery game with the look and feel of classic retro games. There is a free-to-download version that is available for all platforms, including iOS and Android.

Mariel Rearte
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